How does a telescopic miter gauge work?


The telescopic miter is easy to use and has a very practical operation, it has a series of handles which helps us to regulate the angle at which we will make the cut. The first handle is right in front of us which allows us to rotate the blade from right to left and vice versa. It has a laser which will help you to specify where you will make the cut.

Similarly, you have to know that this machine has many benefits as well as a screw on the top which regulates the ideal depth of cut to make channels in the wood. Also in the back has the handle that regulates the angle of cut.

The telescopic miter does not work by making direct cuts as the traditional miter, this machine has the blade and motor counted on a double rail which helps to make faster cuts without forcing it, just turn it on and pull it forward, lower it when you make the cut push it in.

What is a telescopic miter?

The telescopic miter is a very precise and easy to use tool, because you do not need to apply much force to make the desired cuts. This is the machine of choice for anyone, whether professional or amateur.
This is the best cutting machine, as it gives you unique precision, unlike the common miter cutter, it can give you greater angles in cuts and produces deeper cuts.

How to choose a miter saw?

Are you undecided? Don’t know which miter saw to buy? Here we help you choose a miter saw, for them first of all you should know why you need it, if you are amateur, professional or your intentions are to start from scratch in the business, a good choice is the Einhell 4300835 TC-SM 2131 Dual – Telescopic Miter, has a very good cost for anyone.

On the other hand, if what you want is to work in a professional way and you have the necessary monetary resources, we recommend you to buy the Bosch Professional GCM 800 SJ – Telescopic Miter, which has a higher price but it is a machine that will give you the performance according to its price.

What is better a mitre saw or a circular bench saw?

Here we help you to know which is better between a miter machine and a bench saw, and to do so, you must take into account their advantages and disadvantages. We can say that between these two cutting machines, the miter saw is the best, because it is more practical, easy to use and has more safety mechanisms.

Although, the bench saw can perform large and fast work, is not the same as the miter machine that has greater benefits such as they are, cuts with a maximum of some 45 degrees and the vast majority of them can also turn into a small table saw.