How to do a Balayage on your hair?


There are many techniques that can be used around how to do a Balayage on the hair. Mainly, this can be done taking into account the following materials: aluminum foil, gloves, hair brush, dye, bleach, hydrogen peroxide of vol. 20, among others.  The idea before applying Balayage is to have a totally clean hair and the optimal conditions to do it.

What kind of Balayage is left for a brunette?

Certainly, not everybody looks good with one of the types of Balayage, but we must take into account that there are different ones so that we can get a good perception and we don’t have problems with the way we look.

In the case of the type of Balayage that fits a brunette, this will depend on how she wants to look, but the most recommendable would be the natural Balayage that has to do with that blond that can throw to the natural one and that is seen as if it was a way of sweeping.

How many types of Balayage are there?

We can say that there are many types of Balayage. In this sense, we can see that there are options that can be adapted to many people, but we always have to take into account aspects such as the color of our skin and the features that our face has.

On the other hand, we can say that the most used types of Balayage are:

  • Balayage blond.
  • Balayage blond opaque or ashy.
  • Grey Balayage.
  • Balayage purple.
  • Other balayage.

These variations can be even more, depending on what the stylist and the client want to be able to do.

What is the difference between Balayage and California highlights?

There are many differences between Balayage and California highlights. In the case of Balayage, we can see that it is a sweeping technique that does not begin as such from the root and that has to do with that impression of sweeping that can be appreciated in a very natural way, but we can also see that there are variations that make it look like wicks.

On the other hand, the California wicks are a technique that goes from the root and do not have that feeling of sweeping that has the balayage. That is to say, they do go from the root.

When should Balayage be touched up?

Normally, knowing when the Balangaye should be touched up is something we cannot be certain about and we have to see in what way it is suitable for each person. We can point out that the normal duration of this technique on the hair is ten to twelve weeks.

In some cases it may need to be touched up earlier, but this will depend on the way the hair is being treated and the way it is being cared for. The idea is to keep the hair cared for and to be able to touch it up at the right time.