How to make a bird deterrent?


Birds can sometimes be seen as a great gift of nature, but on multiple occasions they can also be considered a great nuisance, for this reason in the following article we will show you how to make a bird repeller. You will be able to achieve it in a simple, handmade and economic way, but for that you need to have the following materials at hand:

  1. A little bit of water.
  2. A blender.
  3. ½ cup of white vinegar.
  4. A bottle with cap.
  5. A spray bottle.
  6. 48 chilies.

Hands to the work…

Tips on how to make a bird deterrent

Here is a step-by-step guide and the best advice on how to make a birdcatcher:

  • First step: You must make a puree with the 48 chilies, for this you will need to blend it in a blender from one to three times.
  • Second step: You must put the puree in a bottle and fill it with water. Then you must close it and shake it so that everything can be united completely.
  • Third step: You must place the bottle in a sunny place so that within seven days all the mixture will have fermented. Here you must include the white vinegar and shake it again so that everything is mixed.
  • Fourth step: Here you must fill a spray with the mixture so you can pour it in the whole area where you do not want the birds. You can not only apply this in the outdoor areas, but you can also use it in all the areas you want and the best thing is that because it is homemade you will not be exposed to any kind of chemicals.

Benefits of making a bird deterrent

Depending on the areas where you use the bird deterrent you may be preventing some damage, this mostly for those spaces that are intended for planting, since these birds could eat the fruits and vegetables, thus generating much more loss than we could imagine.

We could also use this kind of tools for a health issue, since some birds can generate breathing problems or some kind of allergies that can compromise our health and this would be much more counterproductive for both. In this sense, we should use it for personal care more than anything else.

Conclusions on how to make a bird deterrent

If you are going to use this tool as a conclusion, the best thing you can do is to create it with your own hands, so being something handmade you will not have any kind of problems with chemicals, on the contrary, they will be able to fulfill their function, but without compromising your health. It is also important that you pay attention to the type of materials you are using so that it can be much more effective.

You should not doubt it anymore and you should motivate yourself to make a repellent of this style so that you are calmer and much more protected from this type of animals.